Sign Wave:
Mad Folk 3

Soulfull and Heart Felt!
"Very Much a Part of Me and You"

Transcending reality once again, the Master transcends his prior release of "The Trip" by Waving Signs in my face with utter grace subliminal sublime oozing on down the line..... So if you're a hearin' it, Folk You!
The Masterpeace
Donald Newsom
President BBS Network, Inc.
"BBS Radio"
530-876-9146 direct line

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'Radio Play' first came to my mind when I began the selection of the songs for what is now known as "Mad Folk 3 - Sign Wave". What does this mean? Well to start with, let's look at the art work for a reflection of the collaboration. The original art work was painted on wood panels on the outside driveway of the Regina Inn.

Regina Saskatchewan is where the Mad Folk began, and expanded with many chapters into Montreal and Toronto. Mad Folk 3 is a culmination of songs written from the early Eighties to the present time of 2012. Do you believe in Spirit? I do. The 'Spirit of Mad Folk' continues today with the Jestadt brothers, the original founders as it were. Indeed within the 'Sign Wave' flies the emotional Roller Coaster from great loss and depression, to renewal, hope and somehow realizing ones own dreams. Is that not what all of us are striving for? It's the "In-Pulse-Of-A- Nation", speaking to every genre, coming together in this, what I feel, unique collaboration. I call the style of this CD POP. Why? cause it can and does play on the radio, Love Radio 92

Denis Joseph Jestadt

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