The Trip:
D J and the ETs

Coming to A Space Station Near You!
"Defying Description"

"MAGNIFICENT! What a trip indeed.
You begin where even sound fears treading, and yet the blend absconds with the senses
and only gives you back when it's done with you. Now that's some impressive Sh#t!"
Donald Newsom
BBS Network, Inc.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Down home, right to the heart"
author: Marcus ~ Oregon

"I've listened to this CD several times now, and will enjoy listening to it a number of times, I'm certain. Much of it reminds me of a very unusual and cherished tape I have of Buddhist meditation chanting from Taiwan, which is also very vocal and soulful. But I also really love the obvious flavors of blues here, Native American influence there, and aboriginal and other ethnic influences. It's very soothing and awakening, full of rich feeling and so beautiful, all the way through! Turns me right into myself, and I can go pretty deep. It's a very moving and soulful expression of the deepest human longings for the supreme, and the music satisfies, forging a channel straight to the depths of one's own eternal inner spirit. A beautiful expression of that abstract place deep within each of us which touches the timeless and universal - a place that, when it comes right down to it, actually IS us. Very well done, I must say!"

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